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Summer 2021 Update

I'm excited to put a little bit of story out here for everyone on my updated website. So, I'll try to let you folks in on what I've been up to, but not take too long in doing so, because, people are busy.

I'm feeling fortunate and tickled this summer with so many of my projects and relationships. I am excited to play music with other musicians and in front of live audiences! I've been branching out into some new projects, as well as re-anchoring with my long-time band-mates, FY5. I'm enjoying life in Colorado with my family and friends as well.

I'm discovering what it's like to try and put a new band together in Spidercat, and although it existed before the pandemic, we didn't get many months to try and get everything in place before we had to lock it all down. But now we're back, baby! I'm really excited about this line up of musicians and the way we've been able to forge a sound around these odd-ball songs of mine. We're booking gigs and getting ready to record.

I'm musically really enjoying honing in on my blues chops--playing an SG through a my hand-wired McClostone tube amp. Truth: the guitar also goes first through my badass pedal board, lovingly crafted into my preferred tones, by carefully selecting the perfect effect pedals. As I'm playing now, more and more I'm able to write progressions and melodies in this blues and rock voicing, and am titillated to have this group of fellows together to work on these songs. And by the way, Spidercat also has a great time playing some super-dooper-fun older blues and rock songs from Albert King, the Beatles, Stones, Junior Wells and Hendrix.

Spidercat has been playing steady this Spring and Summer at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins, usually on a Thursday night. The next show there is Thursday, August 12th, just before we take off on a little tour to the western slope of Colorado, playing in Paonia and Ridgway. Make sure to check out our facebook and instagram pages!

In big news about my other band, this past winter FY5 co-released a single with my good buddy and co-writer, Aaron Bibelhauser, called "Time In and Out," and it made it into the top ten for over a month on the Bluegrass radio charts. It peaked at #2! . FY5 is working on new material this summer, and I'm looking forward to getting that project underway. I highly encourage all of you guys to check out Bibelhauser's page, he's a pretty talented and hard-working musician.

FY5 is teaching at the Ghost Ranch again, finally, and our camp is coming up at the end of this month (July 2021). Check out:

FY5's shows this summer has us back in the Southwest at Four Corners Folk Festival, as well as a fun collection of other house concerts, festivals and showcases. Make sure to check out our band's website for all that updated information.

I also hope to add a few solo shows here and there this Summer and Fall--I like picking and singing songs all by myself sometimes too.

Summer is a great time for me to relax, away from my teaching job (public school special education teacher, 25 plus years), and hang a bit with my wife and my kids. My four kids, Emma, Clara, Otis and Lulu, are entering their young adult phases, and this has afforded us some space and time for re-investing mostly in creatives, hobbies, reading and health. I look forward to a few more cabin and camping trips in the mountains this summer.

Oky Doky--I'll try to keep with it here on this blog and website, and make sure we're all in the loop, but thanks so much for checking out the page!

Thanks for all your support!


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