Blues Trio

Spidercat is the newest blues band on the front range of Colorado. Comprised of Mike Finders, Eric Thorin, and Larry Bridges, the group nods back to the gritty basics of Chicago and Texas blues, as well as presenting informed takes on a few classic chestnuts from rock classics from the Beatles and Stones. Featuring the lead vocals and grinding Stratocaster work of Mike Finders, this band combines steady rhythm chops from jazz/rock drum master, Larry Bridges, with the sonic artistry of Eric Thorin on electric bass. Thorin, of Lyons, Colorado is known for his work as producer, session musician and his steady presence on the largest stages in the West with such notables as Mollie O’Brien, Bonnie Paine, and Matt Flinner. Finders has fronted the alt-bluegrass band, FY5, out of Fort Collins for the last decade and is an award-winning bluegrass and gospel songwriter.

Their work is en pointe, up-town, and upbeat fun for bars and showcase rooms alike. These musicians have performed professionally for decades, and know how to interact with audience and promoters with gratitude, clarity and humor.  

The band is looking to play local clubs (weeknights preferred) and to introduce themselves to the Front Range blues scene. Their collective fanbase, established through decades of music in different, but related scenes, combined with the relative selectivity of gigs they play together, affords them a sizable fan draw that most new bands don’t get to enjoy.


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